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Thursday, April 10


a Cappella- D8 MCA Concert Hall




'I'd Give It All for You' MCA Concert HallGreg Vitercik • Erica Furgiuele ’15 • Mike McCann ’15 • Jeff Buettner 'Two Roads' A Documentary Short Film MCA 125Christian Keathley • Joan Thompson ’14 • Daniel Houghton A Bag of Popcorn Is Acceptable MCA 232Dana Yeaton • Marium Sultan ’16 A Selection of Classical Duets MCA Concert HallGreg Vitercik • Julianne Wieboldt ’14 • Mike McCann ’15 Acceptance MCA 125Christian Keathley • Elise Biette ’16 Andante MCA Concert HallColin Martin ’15 • Dante Francomano ’15 • Harry Rich ’17.5 Eggshells MCA 125Christian Keathley • Sinead Keirans ’14 • Daniel Houghton Farm Hands MCA 125Christian Keathley • Stella Holt ’15 Finding Amos: A Short Film MCA 125Christian Keathley • Anna Mackey ’14 • Daniel Houghton Flight of the Bumblebee MCA Concert HallBoghos Taslakjian ’17 From Script to Screen in 48 Hours: The Making of 'Room for Rent' MCA 125Christian Keathley • Ali Salem ’16 • Ioana Uricaru Grave and Largo e puntato MCA Concert HallLinnea Meyer ’14 • JP Miller ’17 • Noelle Blose ’17 • Nimrod Sadeh ’17.5 Hey, Skater MCA 232Dana Yeaton • Mari Vial-Golden ’14 Kuchipudi-Swing MCA 109Harshita Kamath • Lindsey Hunt ’14 • Elise Biette ’16 Lorazepam MCA 232Dana Yeaton • Alice Oshima ’15 Music in the Museum MCA MuseumLarry Hamberlin • David Chen '14 • Matt Weinert-Stein '14 • Kevin Dong '16 • Day Robins '17 • Gabriel Antonucci '17 Open Rehearsal for In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play) MCA Seeler StudioClaudio Medeiros • Students from the Theatre Department Quintessential Brass MCA Concert HallGreg Vitercik • Suzanne Calhoun ’14 • Asa Julien ’15 • Kaitlin Horan ’15 • Scott Gilman ’15 • Mike Russo ’16 Senior Thesis Dance Concert: A Preview MCA Dance TheatreChristal Brown • Cameron McKinney ’14 • Hai Do ’14 • Jill Moshman ’14 • Rachel Nuñez ’14 Sonata for Flute and Piano MCA Concert HallGreg Vitercik • Gioia Pappalardo ’16.5 • Anne Janson Stand For It MCA 125Christian Keathley • Kirsten Aguilar ’14 Take Me or Leave Me MCA Concert HallGreg Vitercik • Hannah Johnston ’15.5 • Shannia Fu ’17 • Carol Christensen The Will MCA 232Dana Yeaton • Josh Brosnan ’16 Utah MCA 232Dana Yeaton • Evann Normandin ’14.5 Venite, Venite MCA Concert HallGreg Vitercik • Erica Furgiuele ’15 • Hannah Johnston ’15.5 • Carol Christensen Whistling as Instrumental Music: Chamber pieces from the 20th century MCA Concert HallGreg Vitercik • Yuki Takeda ’14 • Shannia Fu ’17 • Fusun Koksal
Friday, April 11








Book Signing by Keynote Vendela Vida '93 MBH Great HallVendela Vida 'Pretending to be Poor:' Social Mobility and Government Policy in Township Housing MBH Great HallMary Ames ’14 • Ellen Oxfeld A Theoretical Framework for the Neurobiological Relationship Between Mindfulness Meditation and Compassion MBH Great HallLindsay Boles ’14 • Rachel Percelay ’14 • Brendan Cullen ’15 • Kim Cronise Alpine Soil Development in the White Mountains, New Hampshire MBH Great HallKatie Schide ’14 • Jeffrey Munroe An Analysis of the Lithologic and Structural Controls on Radionuclides in Groundwater South of Bristol MBH Great HallJulia Favorito ’14 • Peter Ryan Applications of Renormalization Group Theory to Random Field Markov Processes and the Financial Markets MBH Great HallBrandon Henry ’14.5 • Noah Graham Architecture Illustrates the Process MBH Great HallRita Croce ’14.5 • John McLeod Assessing Memory Restorative Effects of an Ependymin Mimetic in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease MBH Great HallAlexander Casler ’14 • Joanna Georgakas ’14 • Mark Spritzer Cartographic Analysis of Watershed Scale Surface and Groundwater Interactions in Bristol, VT MBH Great HallKevin Chu ’14 • Peter Ryan Creating a New Middlebury Events Calendar MBH Great HallWilliam Moore ’14 • Dana Silver ’16 • David Cromwell ’16 • Josh Pedowitz ’16 • Ananya Christman Dosimetry at the TRIGA Mainz Research Reactor MBH Great HallRahul Rakshit ’15 • Jeffrey Byers Effects of Testosterone on Transitioning Spatial Memory Strategies MBH Great HallTiffany Ting ’14 • Mark Spritzer Ethnic Identity Development Among Sexual Minority Adolescents MBH Great HallEvan Auguste ’14 • Robert Moeller Geochemical and Petrologic Analysis of the Alfred Complex in Southwestern Maine MBH Great HallDaniel Reed ’14.5 • David West Intersection: Merging the Landscape and Autoscape in a Chipotle for Middlebury, VT MBH Great HallCatie Auran ’14 • John McLeod Investigating Dinuclear Cobalt(II) Compounds via Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy MBH Great HallBen Coughlin ’14 • Nicholas Keenan ’14 • Jim Larrabee Mio-Pliocene Erosion Rates in the NW Argentina Andes MBH Great HallJonathan Schell ’14.5 • William Amidon Network Impacts of Domestic Airline Mergers MBH Great HallDaniel Ladd ’14 • Peter Nelson Nom: Fast Food, Fast Cars, and Architectural Intervention MBH Great HallBen Mansky ’15 • John McLeod Optogenetic Control of Neurotransmitter Transport MBH Great HallEmma Polidoro ’14 • Alison Cook ’16 • Glen Ernstrom Paleolimnology of High Pond MBH Great HallCade Schreger ’15 • Hayden Shea ’15.5 • Riley Ebel ’15.5 • Steven Bodine ’16 • Jessica Chen ’17 • Nicholas Tuta ’17 • Jeffrey Munroe Psychological Need Fulfillment in Enhanced Cognitive Interviews with Children MBH Great HallKelsi Morgan ’14 • Madison Clark ’14 • Michelle McCauley Raman Spectroscopy MBH Great HallDuncan Harvey ’14 • Stephen Ratcliff Sexual Orientation and Speech MBH Great HallNoah Klammer ’17 • Marcos Rohena-Madrazo Snakes vs. Airport: Free Association in Novel and Semantic Associates Over Time MBH Great HallElyse Barnard ’15 • Mark Stefani The Effects of Testosterone on Stages of Neurogenesis in Adult Male Rats MBH Great HallEthan Roy ’15 • Mark Spritzer The Gas Basin: A Monument to a Resource That Has Not Yet Expired MBH Great HallEleanor Krause ’14 • John McLeod The Gas Station Wants to Be a Gas Station MBH Great HallAlexander Russo ’14 • John McLeod The Natural Resource Curse: Does the Dependence on Nature Resource Extraction Inherently Limit Human Development and Institution? MBH Great HallJenny Johnston ’14 • Phani Wunnava The Timeless and Time-less MBH Great HallAmr Thameen ’14 • John McLeod Toxic Relationships: Widespread Arsenic Poisoning in Bangladesh MBH Great HallMichael Sheridan • Jillian Mock ’14 Using Integral-Field Spectroscopy of Dust Obscured Quasars to Probe Quasar/Galaxy Co-Evolution MBH Great HallMaya Najarian ’14 • Eilat Glikman What About Me??? - The Filling Station for the Non-Driver MBH Great HallSarah Braithwaite ’14 • John McLeod











Book Signing by Keynote Vendela Vida '93 MBH Great HallVendela Vida A Decade of the Journal IMPULSE: Growth and Impact MBH Great HallBen Mansky ’15 • Kim Cronise A Gas Station for Middlebury, VT MBH Great HallThomas Hyde ’14.5 • John McLeod Analyzing Initial Observations of Laser-Cooled Atoms MBH Great HallColleen Harper ’14 • Anne Goodsell Assessing Attentional and Expectancy Biases in PTSD Using an Eye-Tracking Paradigm MBH Great HallCade Schreger ’15 • Matthew Kimble Assessing the Determinants of Gun Ownership in Vermont MBH Great HallBrianna Morse ’14 • Matthew Dickinson Autumn and Her Dad Walk to Dinner MBH Great HallIan Stewart ’14 • John McLeod Capturing High Resolution 3D Scenes Using Structured Lighting MBH Great HallGreg Krathwohl ’14 • York Kitajima ’15 • Daniel Scharstein Chemical Reactions and Mineralogical Pathways in Soils of an Arid Tropical Climate Along the Pacific Coast of Ecuador MBH Great HallDaphnee Tuzlak ’14 • Peter Ryan Chinese Model Cities for Environmental Protection: A Model for the Future? MBH Great HallSkylar Dallmeyer Drennen ’14 • William Pyle Comparing Two High Strain Zones Along the Norumbega Fault System in Central Coastal Maine MBH Great HallJeffrey Colt ’14.5 • David West Eating Together in the Autoscape: A Fast Food Restaurant for Middlebury MBH Great HallSydney Haltom ’14 • John McLeod Effects of the Neurosteroid Pregnenolone Sulfate and NMDA Antagonist MK-801 on Rat Spatial Working Memory MBH Great HallDaniel Prior ’14 • Elyse Barnard ’15 • Mark Stefani Grocery GIS: Exploring How to Map Trade Areas of Whole Foods Market using GIS MBH Great HallAshali Bhandari ’14 • Peter Nelson Identification of Protein-Sterol Interactions Regulated by Constitutively Active EGFR in Glioblastoma Multiforme Cells MBH Great HallMichael Martini ’15 • Rick Bunt Identifying Red Quasar Host Galaxy Morphologies MBH Great HallMadeline Mailly ’14 • Eilat Glikman Incidence of the Intestinal Parasite Strongyloides Robustus in the Southern flying squirrel (Glaucomys Volans) in a Vermont Mixed Conifer-Hardwood Forest MBH Great HallCarson Hauck ’14 • Steve Trombulak Investigation of Anti-CD47 Monoclonal Antibody Conjugated to Gold Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy MBH Great HallBrian Ayers ’14 • Jeffrey Byers I’m sorry, I’m a man MBH Great HallAlexander Russo ’14 • Sanford Mirling Mapping Garbage Flows in the Metropolitan Region of Buenos Aires MBH Great HallDaniel Barnes ’15 • Anne Knowles Mindfulness and Flow: Dissecting the Optimal Experience MBH Great HallRufus Raghunath ’15 • Kim Cronise On the Magmatic History of Banks Peninsula, New Zealand MBH Great HallSarina Patel ’14.5 • David West Origin and Deglacial History of Fine-Grained Sediment from Weybridge Cave, VT MBH Great HallZachary Perzan ’14.5 • William Amidon Properties and Origin of Fine Sediment within Late-Lying Snowbanks in the Uinta Mountains, Utah, USA MBH Great HallEmily Attwood ’14 • Jeffrey Munroe Rates of Soil Formation and Tectonic Uplift of Marine Terraces, Osa Peninsula MBH Great HallKristoffer Falcones ’14 • Peter Ryan Seasonal and Sex Differences in Cell Proliferation and Cell Death in the Dentate Gyrus of Wild Meadow Voles MBH Great HallJoanna Georgakas ’14 • Mark Spritzer Senior Architectural Design MBH Great HallVeronica Maisch ’14 • John McCleod Simplify! Simplify! MBH Great HallCathryn Manduca ’14.5 • David Kauchak STEM Innovation Project 2013: Building an Automated BTEX Biosensing Device MBH Great HallEmma Polidoro ’14 • Maya Najarian ’14 • Spencer Egan ’15.5 • Alison Cook ’16 • Andrew Goulet ’16 • Jack Desmairais ’16 • Will Henriques ’16 • Jeremy Ward Stop, Think: Filling Up the Car and Mind MBH Great HallWilliam Lones ’14 • John Macleod The Effect of Sexual Experience on Cell Proliferation in the Hippocampus of Adult Male Sprague-Dawley and Longs-Evans Rats MBH Great HallMelissa Childs ’14 • Mark Spritzer The Impact of Journaling on Psychological and Physical Health MBH Great HallRita Pfeiffer ’15 • Matthew Kimble The Refill Station MBH Great HallEshetu Feleke ’14 • John McLeod Trends of Gender Gap in Education in Rural and Urban Areas in China MBH Great HallSicheng Luo ’14 • Phani Wunnava